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TS Photoline 107mm f/6.5 Triplet FPL53 Apo - modułowa tuba

Producent: TS
Czas dostawy: 5 dni roboczych
9551.31 PLN

TS Astrograph APO 107/700mm with 3" rack & pinion focuser and divisible tube - a perfect telescope for visual observation and astrophotography.

  • Aperture 107 mm
  • Focal length 700 mm / focal ratio f/6.5
  • Objective: air-spaced 3 element apo with FPL53 from Ohara (Japan)
  • Metal tube with two unscrewable tube segments - optimal focus position for ALL applications
  • Bino can be used without glass path compensation if combined with 1.25" star diagonal mirror
  • 3" dual speed rack & pinion focuser, rotatable - photo accessories, like correctors, can be screwed in place (see image at left)
  • Stable transport case included

The 107/700mm Apo is free of colour aberrations and very well suited for visual observations and astrophotography. Thanks to FPL53 from Ohara, the imaging quality of the triplet APO is excellent and, in practice, cannot be distinguished from the world-famous LZOS objectives from Russia.

The objective of the TS 107/700mm apo:

The triplet lens with 107.2 mm aperture and 700 mm focal length meets the criteria of a true apochromat. Even at a magnification of 400x, the image is free from bothersome colour aberrations. On astro images, even bright stars are shown without annoying blue fringe.

The APO element is made of FPL53 from Ohara, Japan. The air-spaced triplet objective is fully adjustable. All air-to-glass surfaces are multi coated. The lens is mounted into a temperature-compensated, adjustable cell.

The photographic 3" rack & pinion focuser:

The 3" CNC focuser is optimised for photography and bears up to 6 kg load. The adjustment of the drawtube is made by rack and pinion. The construction of the focuser is base on the Starlight Feather Touch and the mechanical stability gets definitely close to the Starlight Feather Touch FTF3035. We offer motorized focusing for the focuser, too.

The metal tube can be divided - a real innovation:

Through the detachable tube segments, all accessories can be used, from flattener/reducher to binoviewers. At the same time, the focuser is always in an optimal position. Thus, the best possible sharpness in the field is guaranteed. If the focuser is in extreme positions, the is always the risk of tilting.

This tube with unscrewable segments is manufactured extremely precisely. Through CNC manufacturing, the accuracy is as high as known from precise adapters with screw connection. There is no risk of tilting, in opposite to adaptions which allows shifting the focuser. Every experienced astrophotographer will confirm that a screwable adaption should be preferred over an adaption by inserting or shifting. It´s the same with the tube with unscrewable segments, one can imagine that as extension adapters between tube and fousers, which are screwed together.

Each apo with screwed tube segments is checked with laser at TS. Only perfect OTAs pass this test. For you, the result is simple: there is no difference to a one-piece tube on axis and in the field, except from the benefits mentioned above. Astrophotographs with large sensor formates confirm this impressively.

  • Shortest position ... suitable for the big Riccardi Reducer 0,75x RIRED-M82 for full-frame format and bino use without glass path compensation (with 1.25" star diagonal mirror).
  • Middle position ... suitable for the TS 2.5" full-frame flattener
  • Longest position with both extensions ... suitable for visual observations with 2" star diagonal mirror

Photographic usage - one telescope, two focal lengths for photography!

Focal length 525 mm / focal ratio f/4.9 with RICCARDI Reducer ... The flexible focus position, due to the modular tube, allows using the outstanding 0.75x Riccardi reducer. The focal length is reduced to 525 mm and the speed is increased to f/4.9! At the same time, sensors up to 42 mm diameter are fully illuminated.

The reducer is screwed to the M82 thread of the focuser. For this, you need the adapter TSM78-M82. Both tube segments are removed. From the female M82x1 thread at the camera side to the camera sensor, the optimal distance is 78,3 mm.

Focal length 700 mm / Focal ratio f/6.5 with 2.5" full-frame flattener ... With the TS 2.5" full-frame flattener, you can achieve 100% illumination with full-frame sensors, too.

For attaching the TSFlat2,5 to the focuser, no adapters are necessary, the flattener fits directly to the focuser. One tube segment is removed. From the female M69 thread at the camera side to the camera sensor, the optimal distance is 99 mm.