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5755.20 PLN

QHY163M Mono – Cooled USB3.0 Planetary / Deep Sky ColdMOS camera

4/3inch, 16mega pixel CMOS sensor camera, available in both Mono and colour versions. USB3.0 interface, 23FPS@16mega pixel full resolution output and 30FPS@4K HD video output.
The QHY163 has very low readout noise, an 8/12bit ADC and two stage cooling (typical delta T 40 below ambient). A sealed sensor chamber and heated window prevent dew formation.
128MB DDRII Buffer
You don’t want to lose hard earned frames so the QHY163 has a built-in 128MB DDRII image buffer. This buffer assists in the transfer of large images and ensures smooth running on low speed computers or with a USB2.0 port.
Full Anti-Dew Solution
With more than ten years experience in cooled CCD camera design. QHYCCD has deployed full anti-dew technology to the QHY163M including a sealed sensor chamber with a silicon gel tube socket and window heater. With these technologies you do not need to worry about dew forming on the sensor or optical window, even in a high humidity environment.

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