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15739.20 PLN

The QHY11 Mono is a small full frame size 36*24mm cooled CCD camera.

It uses the TrueSense KAI11002 CCD sensor and offers a big image circle.
The 11mega pixels and 9um pixel size offer you very sharp star and wide FOV area in many telescopes.
QHY11 has typical -45C delta T from ambient.
This temperature exceeds most of other cameras based KAI11002 or KAI11000. You can get lower thermal noise and less hot pixels with this camera.
QHY11’s small round case design allow it be installed in the the Hyperstar System or in the primary focus plane. With more and more new big image circle Schmidt camera come out,  QHY11 is your right choice for such systems.
QHY11 also supply a cable clip which can make the contract of the USB port and power socket more solid.