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TS-Optics 71SDQ - 71 mm f/6.3 Quadruplet Apo - Field correcture for big sensors

Producent: TS
Czas dostawy: 5 dni roboczych
3866.87 PLN

TS-Optics 71 mm f/6.3 Quadruplet Travel Apo

The TS71SDQ is compact and provides a large corrected image field for astrophotography. The apochromat is an interesting alternative to the Takahashi FS-60 or to the Pentax 75 SDHF. The telescope ist made to high quality standards and optimally suited for mobile astrophotography. Due to the retractable dew shield, the TS-Optics 71SDQ becomes an ideal travel telescope with less than 500 mm length with retracted dew shield. The image on the axis and in the field is perfect and designed for full-frame size sensors. Threading possible. The excellent correction of the chromatic aberration allows a usable magnification rage of 10x to 200x even for visual observing.

The advantages of the TS71SDQ Quadruplet Astrograph 71 mm f/6.3

♦ fully corrected multi-coated triplet objective for an on-axis image without chromatic aberration
♦ permanently installed field flattener for correction up to full-frame size sensors
♦ optimized position of the flattner in the tube - and thus best correction
♦ powerful 2.5" dual-speed focuser for highest loads - no slippage like with Crayford focusers
♦ Camera can be screw-connected via M63x1 thread.
♦ 360° rotation of the camera - always the correct field orientation
♦ a true travel apo with less than 500 mm length with retracted dew shield
♦ complete with CNC tube rings and dovetail bar with photo tripod connection
♦ with finder shoe Vixen/Celestron/Skywatcher style

The false-color-free optics of the 71 mm TS71SDQ quadruplet astrograph

The triplet objective of the 71 mm Quadruplet uses FPL53 glass for optimal chromatic correction. The star images are free from annoying color fringes or halos which are produced by corrector systems at the focuser side.

Permanently installed in the tube is an ED flattener which flattens the field optimally. Due to the permanent installation, an excellent correction is possible which is difficult to obtain by subsequently attaching a correction lens to the focuser. The baffles of the apo are positioned in a way that an illumination of sensors of up to approx. 44 mm diameter is possible.

The 2.5" RP focuser of the Quadruplet astrograph

The focuser combines the advantages of a standard rack-and-pinion focuser with an improved bearing. A Crayford achieves full rigidity only by pressing the shaft to the drawtube. At high loads this results in a juddery adjustment. The quality made rack of the 2.5" RP focuser holds the drawtube without pressure and allows very gentle adjustment even at a load of more than 4 kg.

The focuser has a 2" and a 1.25" compression ring. 2" accessories are clamped by two knurled screws, so tilting is prevented. Additionally, a 360° rotation is made possible. The focuser also offers a male M63x1 thread which, with suitable adapters, allows a threaded connection.

Aperture: 71 mm
Focal length: 450 mm
Focal ratio: f/6.3
Diameter of the illuminated and corrected image field: 44 mm
Focus position from 2" connector: 115 mm
Focus dposition from M63x1 thread: approx. 125 mm
Weight: 3.2 kg (with tube rings)
Focuser: 2.5" RP with improved support - 360° rotation und compression ring
Length: 450 mm with retracted dew shield
Resolution: 1.69 arc seconds
Limiting magnitude: 11.9 mag

In the box:

♦ Optical tube with rack and pinion focuser
♦ CNC tube rings
♦ Vixen style dovetail bar
♦ Finder shoe