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Kamera Moravian G2-4000 CCD Mark II z KAI-4022 CCD z Internal FW

Producent: Moravian Instruments
Czas dostawy: 3-4 tygodnie
16623.15 PLN

Ważne: w uwagach do zamówienia prosimy podać typ adaptera, który powinien znaleźć się w dostarczony zestawie (gratis):

1. M48x0,75
2. T-thread, czyli M42x0,72
3. 2” adapter (nosek)

Do zamówienia możesz dodać dodatkowy adapter z tej listy (np. do obiektywów Canon EOS).

The cooled G2 series Mark II CCD cameras were developed for imaging under extremely low-light conditions in astronomy, microscopy and similar areas. Design of this series inherits from earlier G2 Mark I cameras but brings some significant enhancements. G2 cameras employ precise electronics providing uniform frames and extremely low read noise limited only by CCD detector itself. Modular mechanical construction allows various camera variants to be combined with rich set of accessories, including telescope adapters, off-axis guider adapters, internal or external filter wheels, Ethernet adapters, guiding cameras etc.

G2-4000 models use Interline-Transfer CCD detectors, bringing some unique features:

  • Electronic shuttering allows very short exposures of bright objects.
  • Fast windowing allows reading of arbitrary detector sub-frame faster than in the case of KAF CCD detectors.
  • Anti-blooming gate ensures proper images of bright stars in the field of view without blooming spikes, but it still does not harm linearity, so these cameras can also be used for research applications.

All members of the G2 Mark II series share the same design, making them powerful research and imaging tools:

  • Top quality electronics:
    • Lowest possible read noise, limited by CCD detector itself.
    • Uniform frames without artifacts.
    • High dynamic range, 16-bits digitization.
    • Fast image download.
  • Precise mechanical construction:
    • Compact camera head, small and lightweight enough to be attached even to small telescopes.
    • Integrated all-in-one design with USB and power connectors directly on the camera head.
    • Integrated mechanical shutter not to bother with covering the telescope when taking dark frames.
    • Optional integrated filter wheel.
    • Telescope/lens adapters with adjustable tilt.
  • Efficient and regulated sensor cooling:
    • CCD cooling up to 50 °C below ambient temperature.
    • Air cooling of the Peltier hot side with high quality magnetic levitating fan.
    • Cooling regulation +/-0.1 °C
    • Single-voltage power supply enabling operation from 12V battery or “brick” adapter.
  • Wide set of optional accessories:
    • External filter wheels supporting various number of filter positions and filter sizes.
    • Off-Axis Guider adapter.
    • Various telescope/lens adapters (T-thread, M48, Canon/Nikon bayonets etc.)
    • Gigabit Ethernet adapter.
    • Telescope mount dovetail adapter.
  • Rich software support:
    • Drivers for 32bit and 64bit Windows
    • Drivers for 32bit and 64bit Linux
    • Drivers for macOS (only certain applications are supported on macOS)
    • Complete camera/observatory control and scientific image processing system SIPS free with camera
    • Drivers for 3rd party software packages, including universal ASCOM drivers

No matter if your target is reliable scientific data or beautiful images of deep-sky objects, G2 Mark II cameras are able to provide both.

G2-4000 model uses 4 MPx OnSemi ABG Inteline-Transfer KAI-4022 CCD chip.

Resolution2056 (H) × 2062 (V) pixels
Pixel size7.4 μm (H) × 7.4 μm (V)
Imaging area15.2 × 15.3 mm
Full well capacity~40,000 e-
Anti-blooming gate300×
Dark current0.3 e-/s/pixel at 0 °C
Dark signal doubling7 °C