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TS Optics Imaging Star 100 mm - f/5.8 Quadruplet Astrograph FPL53 APO

Producent: TS
Czas dostawy: 2-4 dni robocze
11422.46 PLN

An apochromat with well corrected field for astrophotography - extremely high image quality in the field and, of course, also on the axis.

  • True apo with excellent Triplet FPL53 objective (glass from Ohara, Japan) 
  •  Integrated flattener with optimized distance to the objective for optimal sharpness in the field 
  • 3" CNC Rack and Pinion Focuser - comparable with Feather Touch from Starlight - holds up to 6 kg 
  • The system is free from reflexes. 
  • Objective and corrector are adjustable, the are shipped perfectly adjusted. 
  • We check each telescope before we send it out to you. 
  • You find many photographic results through this telescopes in the net and also here in Reviews.

The TSAPO100Q of the TS Imaging Star line is a unique APO refractor telescope designed for full frame imaging. The field of this 4-element APO is absolutely flat and the color correction is virtually like a reflector telescope thanks to an advcanced optical system using Ohara FPL53 optical glass. Stars are pinpoint and the color correction is perfect.

While this APO is optimized for astro imaging, you will enjoy wide, crisp visual fields.

A first-class apochromat for astrophotography:

The Quadruplet Apo offers a big D=49 mm well corrected and fully illuminated field. It is a perfect telescope for astrophotography also with larger sensors. The flattener is integrated in the tube. You can use DSLR cameras and CCD cameras up to 35x35 mm sensors without problems and the apo will show pinpoint stars to the edges.

The objective of the 100 mm f/5,8 Imaging Star Quadruplet:

The apochromat uses a classic triplet air spaced apo objective which is mounted adjustable. The cell is temperature compensated, so even low temperatures will not change the images of the stars. The main glass is FPL53 from Ohara, Japan. All air-to-glass surfaces have the best coating the manufacturer offers.

The 3" TSOptics CNC Rack and Pinion Focuser:

The original 3" CNC focuser of this apo is similar to the 3" Starlight Feather Touch and holds heavy Cameras up to 6 kg weight. This is more than enough for observing and astrophotography.

IMPORTANT: The perfect distance between corrector and camera sensor is being covered by the focusers drawtube. The correction lens does not move inside the tube and therefore you just need to adapt your camera to the focuser and once you found the right focus you also found the perfect field correction.

Optical power of the TSAPO100Q:

We have tested the telescope on our optical banch to check the power on the optical axis. The images show the artifical star with a magnification around 250x. The left photo outside of the focus and the right one in focus. Look the very good star - no color aberation - no astigmatism ...

We check each telescope before we send it out to you. You will always get the same optical quality from us. The TS Quadruplet APO is a telecope for the whole life.

TS Imaging Star 100mm f/5,8 Quadruplet Flatfield Astrograph - featured product in BBC Sky at Night Magazine

The TS Imaging Star 100mm f/5.8 Quadruplet Flatfield Astrograph was tested very well at BBC Sky at Night Magazine (Issue 120, May 2015) and got the 4 star badge for this result.