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TS-Optics Imaging Star71 - 71mm f/4.9 Imaging APO

Producent: TS
Czas dostawy: 5 dni roboczych
5814.00 PLN

TS Optics TSQ-71ED Quadruplet Apo

is a perfect travel telescope for astrophotographers who work with large ensors. The apochromat provides a fully illuminated and corrected field with 45 mm diameter.

Using full-frame size sensors (DSLR und CCD) becomes possible. The accompanying image of the M78 region and the Horsehead Nebula was taken through the 71 mm apo and proves the photographic suitability. 347 mm focal length and the large well-corrected field are the base for impressive rich-field images with higher resolution than offered by typical telephoto lenses.

The newly designed 2.5" dual speed R&P focuserholds even very heavy CCD cameras without tilting. The focuser offers 360° rotation and an M48 direct connection. That is enough even for cameras with larger formats.

The 4-element optical system works more effective than a conventional combination of refractor and corrector, as the optical elements are perfectly matched to each other.

Aperture:71 mm
Focal Ratio:f/4.9
Focal Length:347 mm
Optics:4 elements in 2 groups
Objective:FPL53 triplet objective, air-spaced
Corrector:Fluoride glass corrector at a fixed position in the tube
R&P Focuser:2.5" dual speed R&P focuser with 60 mm dovetail ring and M48 connector
Focuser drawtube travel:1.38" / 35 mm
Field:45 mm well corrected and illuminated field
Weight:2.05 kg (OTA only)
Length:325 mm with retracted dew cap
Outer dew cap diameter:85 mm
Backfocus:Working distance from the M48 male thread 66 mm - from the M63x1 female thread 84mm

Backfocus position: The Imaging Star 71 is a pure photographic apo, without enough backfocus for a star diagonal. However, straight view is possible. The camera is threaded to the focuser via the M48 connection.