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An Excellent Introduction to Colour Imaging!

APS-C is a big size among one short color CCD cameras. QHY8L/8PRO is a 6 mega pixel camera with APS-C size SONY CCD sensor.

SONY's CCD sensor is famous because its low thermal noise. Especially with QHYCCD's 2-stage TEC and thermal construction design QHY8L has the cooling capability of -40C below ambient. It brings very clean image to you even in 30 minutes or one hour exposure.

QHY8L/8PRO has very low readout noise typical 6e or 7e. In a dark site it can give you a simple and easy way to capture the deep sky object. No need complex and high cost RGB filters and colorwheel. The image processing work is a lot more easy than mono cameras.

QHY8L/8PRO diameter is 63mm only. It is very small and very suitable for Hyerstar imaging.

QHY8L/8PRO comes with the cable clip and make the connection solid. You do not worry about any contact problem of the USB cable or power cable.