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Baader Hyperion Aspheric 31 mm - 72° Wide Angle Eyepiece

Producent: Baader Planetarium
Czas dostawy: 5 dni roboczych
689.00 PLN

Baader Hyperion Aspheric 31 mm - 72° Wide Angle Eyepiece
Simple Erfle designs, offered for low money under different names, have significantly less off-axis performance. Light rays near the field stop are refracted stronger than rays near the principal axis. This results unsharp pictures near the rim, especially with uncorrected systems.

The aspherical correction corrects for these abberations. Image definition remains very good across the entire field and distortions are reduced to a minimum. And what is more, the eyepiece can be kept more compact and lightweight.

Connection of digital cameras:

The eyepiece comes with two support threads for adaptation of digital cameras: 1x M43 and 1x M54. Starting from these threads, there are many adaptation possibilities:
  • Adaption to T2 for SLR cameras
  • Adaption to the filter thread of most compact digital cameras