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Automatyka wyciągu USB_Focus v3 Set H (Heavy)

Czas dostawy: 5 dni roboczych
1499.00 PLN

USB_Focus v3 Set (Controller, temperature sensor, strong motor for payload up to <4.5 kg)

USB_Focus allows precise motorized focusing with its accurate stepper motor.

It can be used stand alone with the supplied hand controller or via PC. The overall result: more precise focus for better astro images!


  • Compact hand controller with USB connector
  • Digital temperature probe with 0.1 °C resolution to compensate for temperature drifts
  • Strong stepper motor with 8000 steps resolution
  • ASCOM compatible


  • 12V standard voltage with low power consumption
  • High quality adaptations to many focusers available
  • Remote operation without expensive software
  • Can also be controlled by smartphones

The hand controller:

The handy controller has two push buttons that can also be operated when wearing gloves. The system is powered by an 12 V mains adapter or a cigarette lighter cable adapter (12 V).