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Adapter USB_Focus do wyciągów R&P 2.5" i 3"

Producent: USB_Focus
Czas dostawy: 5 dni roboczych
499.00 PLN

USB_Focus Adapterset for TS Optics and APM 2.5" and 3" Rack & Pinion focusers

This adapter set includes the holder and the motor housing as well as all installation screws. It also comes with the motor coupling to the focus shaft.

With the BR-FOCR25 Adapter kit adapter kit, you can attach the USB_Focus set i.e. to the following focusers:

  • TS Optics FOCR25 and FOCR30 Okularauszüge
  • TS Optics RPA25
  • GSRC16-UP Upgrade Kit for RC Teleskope
  • TSAPO906 Photoline 90/600mm Apo
  • TSAPO107 Photoline 107/700mm Apo
  • APO130f6 Photoline 130/860mm Apo
  • TSAPO100Q Imaging Star 100mm f/5.8 Apo
  • APM 2.5" and 3" R&P focusers
  • APM107-3-TA 107/700 APO
  • ... and many further telescopes, please feel free to contact us for recommendations